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YOUR COSMOS with delivery from Cosmos Restaurant

Published on 14.04.2020 / We deliver inspiration for new culinary worlds’ creation

YOUR COSMOS - Creative Food Plating Menu

In an ever-expanding Universe, constraints are but an illusion that transforms the indomitable human spirit into inspiration. 
We know that the Cosmos is as exciting and vast as YOU are - the person who feels and experiences oneself in the center of living, sensory inner space, constantly trembling in the rhythm of change, and discovering new possibilities to express and surprise ourselves.

We created YOUR COSMOS for you.

We bring you a cosmic challenge and the opportunity to become the creator of your culinary universe at home with a new YOUR COSMOS menu.

Each dish features a short video instruction on beautifully arranged food on the plate that provokes the aesthetic and taste connoisseur, as well as the real Chef in you, without restricting you, but on the contrary - inviting your imagination to dance through new constellations of vivid emotions and exciting flavors. 

Each dish flies to your home with delivery to Sofia directly from the Cosmos Restaurant and contains all the decorative elements and spices shown in the video - fully edible and full of healthy vitamins and minerals. Everything you need for splendid results is inside or you have it in your kitchen, so nothing additional or specific like special professional tools is required to achieve your culinary masterpiece at home.

We hope to inspire you to create something authentically beautiful and truly yours: artistic cosmic food plating, a shared moment, an unforgettable evening.

Never cease to be the creator of the special and priceless moments in your life, experienced, and shared with the people close to you.

With love and heart from the Cosmos Restaurant team