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Fractal Food Space - Sensory Social Dining Experiment

Published on 2.03.2020 / Fractal Food Space - Специална сетивна вечеря и социален експеримент

Time: 26.03, 20:30h
Space: Cosmos
Ticket for the experience: here

When we talk about food we talk about tradition, sharing, emotion, and affection. Dining is a ritual that expresses the spiritual and emotional seeking of each culture and civilization that has ever existed. 

Тhe connection between humans and food is as old as the world. From the instinct for survival to the highest forms of self-expression, it reveals the riches of the planet Earth and the vast universe dwelling inside the human soul. 

Its layers and dimensions are going to be examined during Fractal Food Space – social dining experiment of Ritual Gatherings and Cosmos.

The event is an invitation to a special sensory dinner aiming to explore the 7 dimensions of the impact of food on people during a 7-course emotionally rich menu.  Each step is a smooth immersion into the vast universe of traditional space cuisine. The eccentric presentation of each dish is accompanied by an interactive and provocative body and mind experience. 

Cultural Identity 

Following the trajectory of human-food interconnection, we get to our roots and origin. Tasting food is a way to reconnect with our traditions and cultural identity. Old recipes have preserved their authentic and our favorite tastes, despite the transformation they’ve gone through the modern times. They take us back to the old heart-opening Bulgarian tradition of saying “welcome” with home-made bread and honey. It breaks the ice and makes the guests and hosts feel at home together with each other.

Pure food means a healthy body and a strong spirit. Spring opens the earth for new life and we also get rejuvenated through the green food we are able to consume. Water and First Spring sunshine are the vital energy that every living organism on Earth willingly drinks to strengthen its well-being and to flower in anticipation of what comes next…

The food is a sensory universe and a key to the discovery of our own world of cognitive perceptions and specific sensitivity. Sight, smell, hearing, touch, taste – they all get excited at the moment of serving the table. Provoking stimuli impact the finest taste receptors and help them tune in to specific frequency. Surprising sensation awaits you as an effect...

Prepared with love, the food is a symbol of family warmth and hospitality. From mother's milk through grandma's homemade stew, to the dinner with friends or loved ones, food is at the heart of every family and each relationship. We are pleased to try the familiar in its most unusual form on the path of the extraordinary culinary experience of Fractal Food Space at Cosmos restaurant.

Connection with the others
The table becomes a meeting point for family gatherings and friends’ reunions. We easily approach complete strangers while sharing our food around the table. Connected with our body and spirituality we gradually open up to the other -   an inspiring and enriching exchange; a journey on the fractals of interaction in which the individual becomes a part of the whole and at the same time the whole nurtures each of its identities. Plenty of precious and exciting sharing will pleasantly surprise you during Fractal Food Space social dining experiment with Ritual Gathering and Cosmos team.

A dining ritual is an act of exchange and connectivity. The next step of the process is building trust. Dining is a personal and intimate experience that opens us to the universe of others. It’s the moment when we realize whether we could relax and enjoy honest relationships and sincere friendships. Trust builds slowly, but if you listen to the inner voice of your intuition you can naturally flow through life and trust what’s coming…  

The favorite food from our childhood; the sensory dinner nowadays; the dream food of the future – we are at the end of this journey but still a lot is to be discovered on the way that connects us to the food and to the people with whom we share it. We remember the past to realize how we’ve changed today and what stays with us for the future. Certainly, life on Earth will keep us always close to the experience of food and bring us even closer to each other.


7 Steps

  • ⬡ Ritual bread with honey and mix of Bulgarian spices

  • ⬡ Spring green salads, kefir, nuts, quail eggs, homemade fresh cheese, seed gluten-free cracker
    + Cocktail Aurora Borealis /Skinos, gin, pickle juice, lemon, green Tabasco, tonic, black pepper, salt/

  • ⬡ Black sea corb, young radishes, edamame, fennel, compressed carrots with yuzu, Black sea mussels, Beurre monte with lemon verbena and white wine foam.
    + Sauvignon blanc Bone Dry Hippie 2018, Wine Hippies

  • ⬡ Homemade Ufka with seasonal mushroom, Bulgarian truffle and green cheese
    + Face Off Mavrud 2018, Wine Hippies

  • ⬡ Duck for sharing: Duck magret, koji aged duck jerky, duck hearts confit, duck leg croquettes
    + House wine Melnik 2017, Cosmos

  • ⬡ Trust (cleansing dessert)

  • ⬡ Koji rice pudding with cinnamon
    + Cocktail Milky Way /vodka, mastiha liquer,водка, spring flowers, milk, cinnamon/

Cosmos restaurant is a social place where traditions and people transform themselves in search of new worlds.
Ritual Gatherings is an interdisciplinary cultural initiative that combines nature, music, culinary, rituals and art. The project uncovers the deep connection of man with these 5 elements and builds new links between people, while promoting self-knowledge and togetherness.

Date: 26.03.2020
Time: 20:30
Location: Cosmos
Price: 177.77lv.
Music: w/ The Foreigners
After-dinner drinks: Cosmos
Set time: 23:00 – 01:00

Phone number for reservations and questions: +359 888 200 700
Online ticket for the event: here

Each guest will share a dinner table with other guests as part of the experimental dinner.
IMPORTANT: If you have any food allergies or you are intolerant to certain foods, please let us know while making your booking. Thank you!