Cosmic dish "HOME-MADE YUFKA"Traditional Space Cuisine
Cosmic dish "HOME-MADE YUFKA"
traditional space cuisine

Traditional Bulgarian food with cosmic inspiration

Published on 27.03.2020 /

The cosmic taste of traditions

The traditional cuisine of each country reveals parts of the planet Earth’s riches and offers a deep immersion into the cosmic vastness of the human soul.

Bulgarian cuisine is a colorful mixture of authentic products, fragrant spices, and special culinary technics. It keeps old recipes alive and allows their transformation as long as it preserves our favorite tastes.

With a cosmic inspiration, Cosmos restaurant adds a modern touch to the old traditions and transforms them into a new kind of cuisine. 

Traditional Space Cuisine adds a pinch of magic to the culinary world and creates a strong attraction to the unknown – further away beyond the imagination and inward, even closer to ourselves, to our cultural roots and origin.

The „Banitsa with boza“delicacy

The traditional Bulgarian banitsa shows its indisputable affinity and tasty attraction to Boza - wheat drink with sweet-sour taste, typical for the Balkans.

Banitsa with boza has established itself as a favorite Bulgarian food combination, which becomes a folk classic and a favorite early morning breakfast or a lazy afternoon snack.

The drink is known since ancient times and the name “boza” gets popular in the 10th century in Asia. A little later, the boza recipe finds its cozy home in the Balkans. At the beginning of the 20th century, the Bulgarian city of Radomir becomes famous for boza production and the only boza maker’s monument in the world rises there today.

At the beginning of the 21st century, Cosmos restaurant creates a “boza” ice cream and a brand new recipe for the delicacy combination– “Banitsa with Boza” dessert with crispy banitsa, cheese mousse, rose jam and "boza" ice cream.

The “Homemade Yufka” specialty   

Yufka is the Balkan kind of noodles. It’s the thin unleavened bread in Turkish cuisine. In Bulgaria and Northern Macedonia, yufka is a special type of homemade pasta that is flat and flaky. In Serbia yufka is a very thin and long sheet of dough that is used to bake sweet dishes. In 2016, yufka became part of UNESCO's list of the intangible cultural heritage of mankind.

To us, the homemade yufka is а nutritious breakfast that our mothers and grandmothers used to prepare for us with love. At Cosmos restaurant, there’s a parallel universe of tastes, inspired by the favorite childhood memories and a dose of sweet nostalgia – homemade yufka with Cherni Vit green cheese, seasonal mushrooms, summer truffle, and parsley.

The creative interpretation is among the most preferred dishes by the traditional space cuisine lovers, guests of the restaurant in Sofia.

The art of Kachamak             

Kachamak is a traditional Balkan dish made of cornmeal. It is an important part of the Bulgarian culinary heritage, preserved for centuries. In the past, it was used as a bread substitute; it has been also prepared as a sweet or savory dish. At Cosmos restaurant, it is served with sheep's milk cheese, mushrooms, cream, and confit tomatoes, and its look is colorful and exciting.

Authentic culinary treasures

Authentic and unique food products from the past are used in the Traditional Space Cuisine recipes. Meeting the world of today, they awake our senses.
Elena Balkan meat, Cherni Vit Green Cheese, Brežany Chestnuts and Plum pestil are traditional Bulgarian foods turned into delicious space recipes that touch the finest taste receptors of connoisseurs.

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