traditional space cuisine


Published on 14.12.2020 / This Christmas will definitely be different. In many respects. We can make SPACE with our proposal for CHRISTMAS EVENING for four. At the table you will have everything that tradition and the cosmos command:
????Ritual bread with yeast and a coin - 1 pc.
????Army soup - 4 pcs. / 1,200 kg.
green juice, holiday, dried hot pepper, and paprika
????Stara Zagora walnut garlic snack with toasted homemade sourdough bread - 2 pcs.
????Homemade pickles - 400 g.
carrots, celery, chanterelles, cauliflower, turnips, and smoked paprika
????Pie with homemade wood with a holiday and a mushroom - 550 g - 600 g.
????Lean green cabbage with rice, walnut sauce with horseradish, black garlic, and rice popcorn - 8 pcs.
????Stuffed dried peppers with colorful beans and leeks, crispy onions, and pepper vinaigrette - 8 pcs.
????Cosmic oshav with a mix of dried fruits and spices - 1 kg.
????Roasted pumpkin with caramelized hazelnuts, vegan chocolate cakes, and pink pepper 550 g - 650 g.

Price of the whole set: BGN 144.44.