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Published on 23.02.2020 / Share Oneness is a project of Cosmos Restaurant that aims the revival of forgotten Bulgarian products and old Balkan recipes deeply rooted in the Bulgarian culinary traditions.

Bulgaria has a long and interesting culinary story. Nature offers us an abundance of hidden treasures of edible plants and unusual products that locals use to prepare food for their families, and so they become daily participants in the Bulgarian traditional cuisine transformation and enrichment.  

The Cosmos Oneness project aims to discover and revive authentic products and culinary traditions from different parts of Bulgaria and the Balkans, incorporating them into the restaurant's traditional space cuisine recipes. Thus, instead of being forgotten, the products become a valuable part of the Bulgarian culinary history and a living ingredient of our national cuisine.

Green cheese

The intersection of past and future and a starting point for a journey following a stellar orbit of surprising taste harmony - the green cheese from Cherni Vit is a revived old mountain memory from the Teteven Balkan with a curious and unique taste that many people fall in love with.

Almost forgotten, it was rediscovered in 2007 when Italian culinary experts came across it and appreciated its taste and nutritional qualities. Green cheese is a lively and authentic product - its characteristic blue-green mildew is not intentionally induced, it happens by itself in the process of cheese ripening under certain conditions, which are part of the natural environment of  Cherni Vit village. The Cherni Vit Green cheese is currently the only one of its kind in the Balkans and among the top 10 cheeses in Europe.

We share a part of our exciting journey to the world of Green Cheese:

Green Cheese of Cherni Vit - Video

Brezhani chestnut - Cosmos Restaurant- Oneness

zhani chestnut

Brezhani is a village in southwestern Bulgaria, located in the Simitli valley at the northern foot of Pirin. It grows the sweetest chestnut in Europe, with which locals make sweets, use it to spice up soups and dishes, and consume it as an appetizer for wine.

Brezhani chestnut is a rare food that captivates with his taste and flavor.

The local people love their product and as they say, they "do everything with chestnuts". In October 2019, in the village of Brezhani a traditional holiday of Brezhany chestnut is held for the tenth time. Every year, women from the village surprise visitors with their culinary skills and art of turning Brezhany chestnuts into unique local specialties.

The Cosmos team travels to the village of Brezhani and meets charming local ladies there.  They cook and laugh together, and the team supports the initiative to promote Brezhany chestnut as a culinary treasure that should not be forgotten.

We share with you precious moments from the experience:

Brezhani chestnut - Episode 1
Brezhani chestnut - Episode 3


Krokmach is a traditional food, which is made in Northern Bulgaria from sheep's milk, obtained in the period August-October, when milk is most dense.
The combination of krokmach and fresh garden tomato or red pepper is extremely tasty, and awakes precious childhood memories.

Cosmos integrates the appetizing Bulgarian delicacy in an innovative way into several of its recipes, one of which is an eccentric dessert with krokmach ice cream. The nature gets reborn in the spring revealing a new face of the traditional dairy product. The Cosmos dessert “Spring” is a visual feast and an inspiring taste provocation made of ice cream with krokmach, strawberry ganache, grapefruit gel, jasmine marshmallows, bergamot strawberries, violet cotton candy.

Spring dessert with krokmach - Cosmos Restaurant - Oneness Project

The cosmic inspiration that creates the restaurant’s menu takes us to the distant destination of KEPLER 186 F, an exoplanet with favorable conditions for the origin of life. The culinary journey in the Cosmos Restaurant offers a real opportunity to start with an appetizer with the same name, which embodies the revived tradition of the Bulgarian krokmach: KEPLER 186 F - Beetroot with krockmach, koji walnut tahini, lemon time and homemade cranberry vinegar.

Plum pestile

Pestile is a traditional, sweet and very aromatic delicacy of prunes. It has moderately sweet and slightly sour taste; thick and supple texture and can easily be called the chewing gum candy. Unlike the modern version of candy, prunes are rich in natural pectin and vitamin C and are good for health due to their natural fruit content and lack of sugar and supplements.

Bulgarian pestile is a natural and durable product that brings the romance of the past and sweetens the soul. As a traditional culinary product, it has almost disappeared due to its labor-intensive production process, which requires skill, effort and time, and due to the fact that a large amount of plums produce a small amount of the final product.

The mission of the Oneness Project is to increase interest in authentic food and the places in which it is produced in order to maintain true Bulgarian taste.

The Cosmos team accepts the challenge of integrating rare traditional products into contemporary menu recipes, with benefits for all. Producers and guests of the restaurant are inspired by the result - producers receive invaluable motivation to keep the tradition alive, and guests who are impressed by the Cosmos Restaurant experience, always come back after telling their friends.

Inspired by the boundless cosmos of opportunity and the culinary treasures that our earth preserves, the people of Cosmos unite forces and bring different worlds together to be able to experiment, transform and create the food of the future, drawing on experience, gathering knowledge and preserving the most valuable of the past.