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traditional space cuisine
Responsibility and values are the solid nucleus around which our Cosmos gravitates. Cosmos is a project with ideas, causes, and social responsibilities aiming to keep the traditions and treasures of planet Earth safe and alive.
Zero Waste 30.03 a project promoting good practices for maximizing the use of food
Oneness 23.02 Oneness is a project of Cosmos Restaurant that aims the revival of forgotten Bulgarian products and old Balkan recipes deeply rooted in the Bulgarian culinary t…
Hospitality & Service Academy 20.02  theory and practice of hospitality and service in the restaurant business
Leave a Trace in Space 15.02 Cosmos Restaurant's internship program is an opportunity to become part of an amazing universe of culinary art. Its purpose is to ignite the spark of tastes…
Creative meetings 13.02 We dedicate our mornings on the 15th of each month to creativity. Each team member takes their time and makes space for sharing coffee and a dose of inspiration…