traditional space cuisine

Cosmos Restaurant

We create and transform. Flavors. Experiences. Ourselves. Exploring the vast universe of tastes, we create our own version of Bulgarian cuisine.

Cosmos is fine dining restaurant in the center of Sofia and a place with atmosphere.

It‘s a space of interaction between two vast universes - the immense, inspiring and mystic Cosmos meets the world of Bulgarian traditions that keep the riches of our origin. The forgotten secrets of Bulgarian cuisine touch the unknown space beyond the usual.

Traditional space cuisine is a restaurant’s specialty.  Authentic Bulgarian dishes and traditional Balkan recipes fly off into the orbit of the unfamiliar to return transformed and inspired to tell a new and different story.

Since March 2016, with a seating capacity of 100, Cosmos restaurant has been gathering its crew for a space flight. It’s a story about an unusual encounter of matter and texture, emotions and senses, new tastes and flavors.
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New arrivals
Homemade Smoked Trout
Fresh salads with strawberries, almonds and green cheese from Cherni Vit
Seasonal mushrooms with spinach /vegan/
Duck Magret
Mars /vegan
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New Year in Cosmos On the last day from the Earth’s rotation around the Sun, 31st of December, we are inviting you on a cosmic journey. We will be exploring unknown places, … read more