traditional space cuisine


We create and transform. Flavors. Experiences. Ourselves. Exploring the vast universe of tastes, we create our own version of Bulgarian cuisine.

There is a restaurant in the Sofia center where two universes meet and blend their worlds creating a fascinating atmosphere made of cosmic mysteries and earthly riches. It’s a place where all forgotten secrets of traditional Bulgarian cuisine touch the unknown space beyond the usual and get inspired by the cosmic vastness that embraces our home planet Earth.

Authentic Bulgarian dishes and traditional Balkan recipes transformed into Traditional Space Cuisine, which is the Cosmos restaurant's specialty, surprisingly provoke the senses by revealing unfamiliar dimensions of taste.

Creative, original cocktails and premium wines with strong Balkan spirit add even more harmony and balance into the world of Traditional Space Cuisine and invite you on a flight into the orbit of the unknown offering a new and different experience for the sophisticated connoisseurs and fine taste lovers.

Since March 2016, with a seating capacity of 100, Cosmos restaurant has been gathering its crew for a journey that tells a captivating story about unusual encounters of new scents, flavors, and feelings…


Outer space with a welcoming atmosphere

Оriginal and eccentric sound, specially created for the Cosmos ambiance, smoothly tunes the mood into the flight. Balkan folklore motifs mixed with modern and experimental arrangements have been transformed into creative "cosmic" sets. Provocative and different, the sound accompanies steady and firmly the complex dining experience at Cosmos restaurant.

Careful and attentive attitude has always been a part of the Bulgarian culture. Hospitality is an old tradition, still lovingly cultivated at our Cosmos. Emotion and feeling are the main ingredients of the thoughtfully prepared food and they reach our guests through each interaction.

Sacred geometry and Bulgarian folklore symbolism have inspired the interior creation. The mystery of cosmic phenomena and objects fill the space with a sense of wonder.

Synchronous dance of lights and shapes resonate with the taste receptors’ finest frequency and adds an extraordinary touch to the cosmic atmosphere.


Inspired by the past, by the new trends and the genuine desire to express our spirituality, we strive to make the guests of Cosmos... happy!

The intersection of passion and professionalism - the Cosmos engine running at full speed headed by chef Vladislav Penov.

The Cosmos team explores flavors and transforms the Bulgarian culinary universe by creating emotions and vivid memories.

Motivated to constantly improve their knowledge and skills, 50 professionals in the field of cuisine, mixology, and service are daily welcoming the high expectations of their guests.