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traditional space cuisine


Opening our garden and delivering a cosmic atmosphere with a taste of a favorite tradition

Attracted by the gravity of love, we bring to your home a traditional space cuisine prepared with a heart! Our second-floor garden is also already open and welcomes you back!

We fulfill your cosmic culinary wishes for the city of Sofia and take your reservation at 0888 200 700 from 12:00 pm till 10:00 pm every day and from 10:00 am till 04:00 pm with a brunch menu at the weekends. 

You can choose from the menu and learn more about the very special Your Cosmos menu created for you by Cosmos Restaurant.

While preparing your food we're always adding a whole universe of tastes, positive energy, and a great deal of inspiration for new ideas and beginnings. The Cosmos Restaurant team will fly over time and space to give you moments of vibrant emotion and be around you on the spot with a culinary pleasure for the senses awakening the spirit and gently touching the soul.

We, the Cosmos Restaurant team are happy to have the opportunity to transform ourselves, to be close to you, and to experience the really meaningful moments in our lives - those in the priceless company of our loved ones, who bring us even closer to ourselves.

See you! 

With love from your Cosmos Restaurant team
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