Bulgarian Rose
Bulgarian Rose
traditional space cuisine

Cosmos Restaurant

We create and transform. Flavors. Experiences. Ourselves. Exploring the vast universe of tastes, we create our own version of Bulgarian cuisine.

There is a fine dining restaurant in the Sofia center where two universes meet and blend their worlds creating a fascinating atmosphere made of cosmic mysteries and earthly riches.

It’s a place where all forgotten secrets of traditional Bulgarian cuisine touch the unknown space beyond the usual and get inspired by the cosmic vastness that embraces our home planet Earth.

Authentic Bulgarian dishes and traditional Balkan recipes transformed into Traditional Space Cuisine, which is the Cosmos restaurant's specialty, surprisingly provoke the senses by revealing unfamiliar dimensions of taste.

Creative, original cocktails and premium wines with strong Balkan spirit add even more harmony and balance into the world of Traditional Space Cuisine and invite you on a flight into the orbit of the unknown offering a new and different experience for the sophisticated connoisseurs and fine taste lovers.

Since March 2016, with a seating capacity of 100, Cosmos restaurant has been gathering its crew for a journey that tells a captivating story about unusual encounters of new scents, flavors, and feelings…
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BULGARIAN ROSE - Vanilla sponge cake, sheep yogurt mousse with pink pepper, strawberries and roses mousse, rose meringue BULGARIAN ROSE
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