Homemade Smoked TroutTarama with yuzu, cucumber on charcoal, walnuts and dill
Homemade Smoked Trout
traditional space cuisine


We serve and deliver a cosmic culinary experience prepared with a heart

We fulfill your cosmic culinary wishes from the COSMIC MENU from 11:30 pm till 9:30 pm from Monday to Friday and from 10:00 pm till 9:30 pm  at the weekend from the DAILY COSMIC MENU - at lunchtime, between 11:30 and 15:30 pm from Monday to Friday and at the weekends from 10:00 am till 5:00 pm you can check the WEEKEND BRUNCH menu.

Delivery to Sofia: BGN 1.99 - 3.99 depend on the area.
You can also pick up from a place at 19 Lavele Street, with a 10% DISCOUNT.

You can rely on a whole universe of tastes, positive energy, and a great deal of inspiration coming to you with the cosmic food prepared specially for you at the restaurant. The Cosmic team flies over time and space to gather moments of vibrant emotions and turns them into culinary pleasure for the senses and soul-touching experience for the food lovers.

We are happy to transform ourselves, to get closer to you, and to experience the really meaningful moments in our lives - the ones that bring us closer to ourselves.

See you! 

With love from your Cosmos Restaurant team
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New arrivals
Beetroot - beetroot on charcoal, garden leaf mix, aged goat cheese from Kozle farm, walnuts, pomegranate and apple vinaigrette Beetroot
Black Sea Bonito - homemade tarama, pickled cucumbers with fig leaves, marinated red onion, fermented lemons and hot peppers vinaigrette Black Sea Bonito
Bulgarian fish roe appetizer - bread crumbs with bottarga, dill oil and baked homemade sourdough bread Bulgarian fish roe appetizer
Garden appetizer - roasted aubergine on charcoal, roasted peppers, farm katuk, fresh herbs, walnuts, dill oil, homemade sourdough bread toasts Garden appetizer
TRaditional Meat Plate - Babek, Smyadovska lukanka, Elana Balkan Prosciutto, Horse jerky TRaditional Meat Plate
Porcini from Pirin Mountain in butter - lacto vegetables beurre blanc, dried yolk, roasted sourdough bread, parsley Porcini from Pirin Mountain in butter
COSMOS VEGGIE BURGER - homemade bun, black bean patty with miso and cumin, farm katuk with horseradish, kim-chi mayonnaise, roasted pickled red peppers, crispy onion and Rhodopean red potato chips COSMOS VEGGIE BURGER
Polenta Rhodopean Style - smoked corn from Yagodina Village, brown butter, milkskin, aged goat cheese from Kozle farm, porcini mushroom and cherry tomatoes confit Polenta Rhodopean Style
COSMOS CHEESE BURGER - homemade beef burger, kimchi mayo, cheddar, red onion jam, pickle cucumbers, Rhodopean red potato chips COSMOS CHEESE BURGER
Cosmos chicken burger - homemade bun, homemade beef burger, kim-chi mayo, cheddar, red onion jam, pickle cucumbers, Rhodopa Mountain red potato chips Cosmos chicken burger
Crispy fried free-range chicken - with kimchi mayonnaise Crispy fried free-range chicken
Sea bass fillet with crispy skin - lemon risotto with garden tea, marinated dill flowers and beurre monte with fermented lemons and homemade miso Sea bass fillet with crispy skin
Pork schnitzel - butter with homemade miso and Rhodope purple potato salad with herbs Pork schnitzel
Smoked pork ribs - homemade spicy BBQ sauce, crispy Rhodopa Mpuntain potatoes and mayo with lactofermented hot peppers Smoked pork ribs
Pork with cabbage - free-range cabbage pork, spicy roasted cabbage, dried Elena Balkan prosciutto, pine nuts and pork jus Pork with cabbage
Whirlpool GALAXY - beef cheeks, purple potato puree, seasonal mushrooms and truffle sauce Whirlpool GALAXY
Gravity - chocolate mousse with kafir lime,slowly cooked orange, caramel sauce with homemade orange liqueur , crispy cacao beans Gravity
Vanilla mousse - with pumpkin rachel, caramel and pumpkin seeds crumble Vanilla mousse
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